This blog contains regular postings relating to the Traditional Latin Liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church. It includes regular commentary on the saints days and the liturgical cycle, with brief background and extracts from the liturgy both in Latin and English. Much of the material has been extracted from the 'St Andrew's Daily Missal', Dom Gueranger's 'Liturgical Year', or similar sources.

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Friday 28 December 2012

New Link - Romanitas Press

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The website, Romanitas Press, in addition to offering many useful liturgical books, also features the serialization of the witty classic, Peregrinus Gasolinus: Wandering Notes on the Liturgy, various articles and free altar serving and training notes.

Peregrinus Gasolinus: Wandering Notes on the Liturgy

Newly-published chapters of Fr. Chapman's witty book:

Comb-bound reproductionsSome important rubrical reference works for parish and pontifical ceremonies are now available. Here are few from the entire collection presently available:

Pontifical Ceremonies: A Study of the Episcopal Ceremonies(Ahearne-Lane) An excellent resource on how to execute the various pontifical ceremonies, from Confirmations to Pontifical Mass at the Throne (or Faldstool)

Custom of Prelates of the Catholic Church: According to Roman Etiquette
(John Nainfa) The most comprehensive guide on the dress of prelates, the clergy and religious orders available in English.

Friday 14 December 2012