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Tuesday 18 February 2014

Pre-Bugnini Altar Missal to be republished

News from Carmel Books.

Over on the Carmel Books Blog - - is the news that there is a project to republish the Missale Romanum, altar missal size, in the last form before it was tampered with by Mgr. Bugnini and others of his persuasion.

Since Mgr. Bugnini started his work in 1948, in practice, that means the Editio Typica of 1920, as updated with new saints and feasts etc to 1948.

Carmel Books are asking for those who might be interested in placing a pre-order to let them know. The success of this project depends on support from customers. If it is successful, then apparently a Breviary of the same date is projected for next year.

There is a very good hand-missal for use by the laity - possibly even the clergy - which is the St Andrew's Missal republished by St Bonaventure Press. The link to the publishers is in the side-bar to this site. That this should be joined by an altar missal is entirely welcomed.

This blog is invariably non-controversial, and the Blogmeister concentrates on the devotional, the historical, and the liturgical. Its purpose is to increase devotion through the Traditional liturgy.

However, since the liturgical cycle used here is essentially that of 1948, it is appropriate to give publicity to the Ordo, calendar, and Missal that follow that cycle. This site, of course, is happy to add saints from local or proper calendars, including those beatified more recently.

Promoting the 1948 Missale does NOT mean:
(a) Rejection of all new saints and feast days since 1948;
(b) That this edition was necessarily perfect in all respects;
(c) That the liturgy cannot in principle develop organically.

Many of those who are using the 1962 liturgical books are coming to realise that these books have already been edited in accordance with a programme of reform, which resulted in the dismembering of the Roman liturgy - in defiance of the clearly stated wishes of the 2nd Vatican Council. At very least, having a reprint of the previous Missale and Breviary will promote thought and scholarship around that question.

Discussion of legal, canonical, or theological questions about using the 1948 Missal are beyond the scope of this Blog. Questions about the Novus Ordo, and its legality, validity, appropriateness, are also to be directed elsewhere.