This blog contains regular postings relating to the Traditional Latin Liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church. It includes regular commentary on the saints days and the liturgical cycle, with brief background and extracts from the liturgy both in Latin and English. Much of the material has been extracted from the 'St Andrew's Daily Missal', Dom Gueranger's 'Liturgical Year', or similar sources.

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Latin of the Propers - introduction to the series.

Shortly will be posted the First Lesson in a series "The Latin of the Propers". This will be an occasional series, taking prayers and chants from the proper of the Latin mass, and explaining the Latin.

It is designed for the benefit of those who have a little Latin, know the grammatical terms at least vaguely, and have had some exposure to the vocabulary; but want to improve to the level where they can follow the texts of the mass in their original Latin.

The lessons will simply go through a short text - usually an antiphon, or a collect - and explain the vocabulary, and the grammar, in a straightforward way. There will be regular reminders of the grammar.

It is intended to go through the introits at first, where the grammar is generally simple, and later to progress onto some of the collects.

Nos cum prole pia benedicat Virgo Maria.
(May the Virgin Mary with her loving offspring bless us.)

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