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Saturday 2 July 2016

2nd July, SS. Processus and Martinian, Martyrs

SS. Processus and Martinian, Martyrs

Peter and Paul, cast into the Mamertine prison, converted their two warders Processus and Martinian, and baptized them. Brought before the statue of Jupiter, these new Christians refused to adore it and were put to death.

Sapientiam sanctorum narrent populi, et laudes eorum nuntiet Ecclesia: nomina autem eorum vivent in saeculum saeculi. * Exsultate, justi, in Domino: rectos decet collaudatio.
Let the people show forth the wisdom of the saints, and the Church declare their praise: and their names shall live unto generation and generation. * Rejoice in the Lord, O ye just : praise becometh the upright.
(Ecclesiasticus 44:15,14 and Psalm 32:1 from the introit of Mass)

Deus, qui nos sanctorum Martyrum tuorum Processi et Martiniani gloriosis confessionibus circumdas et protegis: da nobis et eorum imitatione proficere, et intercessione gaudere.
O God, who didst surround us and protect us by the glorious confession of Thy holy martyrs Processus and Martinian; grant us both to profit by their example and to rejoice in their intercession. Through our Lord.

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