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Friday 20 June 2014

20th June, St Silverius, Pope and Martyr

St. Silverius, Pope and Martyr

A son of Pope Hormisdas, who was married before receiving holy orders, Silverius was invested with full sacerdotal powers on succeeding Agapitus on the pontifical throne (Introit, Alleluia). Theodora, Empress of Constantinople, entreated him to restore to the pontifical throne of that city, a heresiarch, who, "living a slave to his impious wishes and not having the spirit of God " (Epistle), had been deposed by Agapitus. The Pope having refused, Theodora caused him to be exiled in the island of Ponza.

As a disciple of Christ, the holy Pontiff followed Him bearing his heavy cross (Gospel), and from there governed the Church "taking for his food," as he is reported to have said, "the bread of affliction and the water of anguish".

A short time after, Silverius, worn out by privations and sufferings, fell asleep in the Lord in 538. His body, carried to Rome and buried in the Vatican Basilica, was made famous by numerous miracles.

Guided by the Holy Ghost, let us beseech God to help our weakness (Collect), and to fill us with the courage shown by blessed Silverius in the defence of truth.

Statuit ei Dominus testamentum pacis, et principem fecit eum: ut sit illi sacerdotii dignitas in aeternum. * Memento, Domine, David, et omnis mansuetudinis ejus.
The Lord made to him a covenant of peace, and made him a prince: that the dignity of the priesthood should be to him for ever. * O Lord, remember David: and all his meekness.
(Ecclesiasticus 45:30 and Psalm 131:1 from the Introit of Mass)

Infirmitátem nostram réspice, omnípotens Deus: et, quia pondus própriae actiónis gravat, beáti Silverii Martyris tui atque Pontíficis intercéssio gloriósa nos prótegat.Be mindful of our weakness, O almighty God, and since the burden of our deeds is grievous to us, grant that the glorious intercession of blessed Silverius Thy martyr and bishop may protect us.
(Collect, Mass of Martyr Bishops)

Gregem tuum, Pastor aeterne, placatus intende: et per beatum Silverium, Martyrem tuum atque Summum Pontificem, perpetua protectione custodi; quem totius Ecclesiae praestitisti esse pastorem.
(Another Collect, Mass of Supreme Pontiffs )

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