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Friday 15 May 2015

Friday in the Octave of the Ascension

Hymn for use at Lauds and Vespers throughout the Octave of the Ascension:

Salútis humánae Sator,
Jesu, volúptas córdium
Orbis redémpti Cónditor,
Et casta lux amántium:

Qua victus es cleméntia,
Ut nostra ferres crímina?
Mortem subíres ínnocens,
A morte nos ut tólleres?

Perrúmpis inférnum chaos:
Vinctis caténas détrahis;
Victor triúmpho nóbili
Ad déxteram Patris sedes.

Te cogat indulgéntia,
Ut damna nostra sárcias,
Tuíque vultus cómpotes
Dites beáto lúmine.

Tu, dux ad astra, et sémita,
Sis meta nostris córdibus,
Sis lacrimárum gáudium,
Sis dulce vitae praemium.

Hail, thou who man's Redeemer art,
Jesu, the joy of every heart;
Great maker of the world's wide frame,
And purest love's delight and flame:

What nameless mercy thee o'ercame,
To bear our load of sin and shame?
For guiltless, thou thy life didst give,
That sinful erring man might live.

The realms of woe are forced by thee,
Its captives from their chains set free;
And thou, amid thy ransomed train,
At God's right hand dost victor reign.

Let mercy sweet with thee prevail,
To cure the wounds we now bewail;
Oh, bless us with thy holy sight,
And fill us with eternal light.

Our guide, our way to heavenly rest,
Be thou the aim of every breast;
Be thou the soother of our tears,
Our sweet reward above the spheres.

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