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Monday 1 December 2014

Ordo for 2014 - highly recommended

The St Lawrence Press has announced the publication of its 'Ordo Recitandi' for 2015 - the complete guide to the masses and offices to be celebrated throughout the year, according to the unreformed Roman rite (i.e. 5th typical edition of 1939).

The Ordo contains the necessary directions for those who wish to sing the Office and Mass of any day in the Liturgical Year according to the classical Roman Rite. The Ordo details those changes which arise due to the interaction of the Temporal and Sanctoral cycles. In addition the Ordo contains detailed information concerning the celebration of the various classes of Votive Masses e.g. Masses of External Solemnities, rubrics for the Forty Hours.

It is the 42nd anniversary of this Ordo being produced. When it was first produced, it was typed up by Miss Penelope Renold (RIP), a friend of the current writer. It's all in Latin, so isn't light reading for the casual enquirer, but is a guide for those who want to know what should be celebrated on which day.

The Ordo costs £10 plus postage, and may be ordered from:

Why not buy one for yourself, and another for your favourite traditionalist priest or seminarian?

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