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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Prayer to St Augustine, Apostle of England, and his Companions

O Great St Augustine, who together with Saints Paulinus, Lawrence, Justus, Melitus, and other holy men, didst plant the holy Catholic Faith in England by converting the Gentiles, destroying their heathenish practices and raising the children of that country to the heirship of Jesus Christ.

I humbly ask thee, and all those apostolic men, who now partake of thy glory in Heaven; as they once laboured with thee on earth for the love of God, and the salvation of souls in the vineyard of our Lord, to pray for me a poor sinner, that, through the intercession and the merits of Jesus Christ our Lord, I may obtain pardon of all my sins and be delivered from the eternal punishment of hell, which I have merited, by grievously offending my good God. Intercede for me and all the faithful, particularly for the Catholics of England, that they may preserve not only the holy Catholic faith and religion, but also the most perfect observance of the law of God, in order that all thy devoted followers may receive the crown of everlasting life. Intercede also for all poor sinners, heretics, and heathens, especially for those who speak the English language, in order that they may be converted and brought back to the true Church, and faithfully persevere in it to the end of their lives, thus saving their immortal souls through the merits of the precious Blood of Jesus Christ, shed for the redemption of mankind. Amen.

Source of prayer - St Benedict's Manual. 6th Edition 1890. Pustet.

Graphic of St Augustine - source unknown.

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