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Friday, 7 January 2011

Latina Vulgata: Latin Words no. 4

Applico/applicare/applicavi or applicui/applicatum or applicitum - to attach, place close to, to put in to shore.

Verb of the first declension, although as may be seen it can also form its past tenses following the pattern of the third conjugation. Using third conjugation past tenses is standard in the Vulgate, and later Latin in general.

It is formed from the preposition ad (towards) and the verb plico (to fold or coil). Adplico is an alternative spelling.

The English word 'apply' is related.

The two instances in the New Testament both refer to the nautical use - putting into shore. In the Old Testament, it is used multiple times, and in the wider sense of bringing close.

Et cum transfretassent, pervenerunt in terram Gennesareth et adplicuerunt.
And when they had passed over, they came into the land of Genezareth, and set to the shore.
St Mark 6:53 - perfect tense (following pattern of 3rd conjugation)

Et inde navigantes sequenti die venimus contra Chium; et alia adplicuimus Samum; et sequenti venimus Miletum.
And sailing thence, the day following we came over against Chios; and the next day we arrived at Samos; and the day following we came to Miletus.
Acts 20:15 - perfect tense (following pattern of 3rd conjugation)

Cumque corruerint sublevabuntur auxilio parvulo et adplicabuntur eis plurimi fraudulenter.
And when they shall have fallen, they shall be relieved with a small help: and many shall be joined to them deceitfully.
Daniel 11:34 - future passive.

Ipse principium est viarum Dei qui fecit eum adplicabit gladium ejus.
He is the beginning of the ways of God, who made him, he will apply his sword.
Job 40:14 - future.

Et adplicuit Samuel omnes tribus Israel et cecidit sors tribus Benjamin.
And Samuel brought to him all the tribes of Israel, and the lot fell on the tribe of Benjamin.
1 Kings 10:20 (or 1 Samuel 10:20) - perfect tense.

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