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Monday, 21 July 2014

21st July, St Praxedes, Virgin

St. Praxedes, Virgin

The feast of St. Pius I, on July 11, recalled to our mind St. Pudentiana and her sister St. Praxedes, who placed their house at the disposal of this holy pontiff. The first appears in the Cycle on May 19, under the reign of the risen Lord, and the second on this day, under the reign of the Holy Ghost. On the Tuesday of the third week in Lent, the Station is held at Rome in the titular church of St. Pudentiana and on the Monday in Holy Week at the titular church of St. Praxedes.

This saint, a daughter of the Roman Senator Pudens, consecrated her virginity to God (Epistle), and renounced her great wealth in favour of the poor and of the Church. She thereby acquired the treasure and precious pearl of the heavenly kingdom (Gospel, Communion).

The religious ceremonies, which took place in her mansion, attracted the attention of the pagans. Many Christians were arrested there and led away to death.

She died under Antoninus in the second century, after having besought God to deliver her from the sight of such woeful scenes. Her body was laid by that of her father and sister in the cemetery of her grand-mother Priscilla.

Let us celebrate joyfully the feast of the blessed virgin Praxedes, in order to obtain thereby feelings of loving devotion (Collect).

Loquebar de testimoniis tuis in conspectu regum, et non confundebar: et meditabar in mandatis tuis, quae dilexi nimis. *Beati immaculati in via: qui ambulant in lege Domini.
I spoke of Thy testimonies before kings, and I was not ashamed: I meditated also on Thy commandments, which I loved exceedingly. * Blessed are the undefiled in the way: who walk in the law of the Lord.
(Psalm 118:46-47,1 from the introit of Mass)

Exaudi nos, Deus salutaris noster: ut, sicut de beatae Praxedis Virginis tuae festivitate gaudemus; ita piae devotionis erudiamur affectu.
Graciously hear us, O God of our salvation, and grant that we who keep with joy the festival of blessed Praxedes, Thy virgin, may, by our feeling of loving devotion, advance in our know ledge of Thee.

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