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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Feast of the Patronage of St Joseph

The Solemnity of St Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Vigin Mary, Confessor, and Patron of the Universal Church.
(Wednesday after the Second Sunday after Easter.)

Today's feast commemorates St Joseph particularly under his title of Patron of the Universal Church. Under the name of the Patronage of St Joseph the feast was formerly kept by certain religous Orders and in some dioceses; in 1847 it was extended to the whole Church by Pope Pius IX and appointed to be kept on the Third Sunday after Easter; in 1870 the same Pontiff declared St Joseph Patron on the Universal Church. A later change fixed the feast on the preceding Wednesday under the title of the Solemnity of St Joseph.

Adjútor et protéctor noster est Dominus: in eo lætábitur cor nostrum, et in nómine sancto ejus sperávimus, allelúja, allelúja. * Qui regis Israel, inténde: qui dedúcis, velut ovem, Joseph.
The Lord is our helper and protector: in him our heart shall rejoice, and in his holy name we have trusted. Alleluia, alleluia. * Give ear, O Thou that rulest Israel: thou that leadest Joseph like a sheep.
(Psalm 32:20-21 and 79:2 from the Introit of Mass).

Deus, qui ineffabili providéntia beátum Joseph sanctíssimæ Genetrícis tuae sponsum elígere dignátus es: præsta, quaesumus; ut, quem protectórem venerámur in terris, intercessórem habére mereámur in coelis.
O God, who in thine unspeakable providence wast pleased to choose blessed Joseph for the Spouse of Thy most holy Mother: grant, we beseech Thee, that we may be worthy to have him for our intercessor in heaven whom we venerate as our protector on earth. (Collect of Mass)

Efficacious Prayer for Chastity to St Joseph

Virginum custos, et pater Sancte Joseph, cujus fideli custodiae ipsa innocentia Christus Jesus, et Virgo virginum Maria commissa fuit; te per hoc utrumque carissimum pignus Jesum et Mariam, obsecro, et obtestor, ut me ab omni immunditia preservatum, mente incontaminata, puro corde et casto corpore Jesu et Marae semper facias castissime famulari. R Amen.

Guardian of virgins, and holy father Joseph, to whose faithful custody Christ Jesus, Innocence itself, and Mary, Virgin of virgins, were committed; I pray much beseech thee by these dear pledges, Jesus and Mary, that being preserved from all uncleanness, I may with spotless mind, pure heart, and chaste body, ever most chastely serve Jesus and Mary all the days of my life. Amen.

Hymn to St Joseph from Vespers of the Feast.

Te, Joseph, celebrent agmina caelitum
Te cuncti resonent christiadum chori
Qui clarus meritis, junctus es inclytae
Casto foedere Virgini.

Almo cum tumidam germine conjugem
Admirans, dubio tangeris anxius,
Afflatu superi flaminis angelus
Conceptum puerum docet.

Tu natum Dominum stringis ad exteras,
Aegypti profugum tu sequeris plagas:
Amissum Solymis quaeris et invenis,
Miscens gaudia fletibus.

Post mortem reliquos sors pia consecrat,
Palmamque emeritos gloria suscipit:
Tu vivens, superis par, frueris Deo,
Mira sorte beatior.

Nobis summa Trias parce precantibus:
Da Joseph meritis sidera scandere,
Ut tandem liceat nos tibi perpetim,
Gratum promere canticum. Amen.

Joseph! to thee by hosts on high
and choirs of Christians, laud be paid!
saintly of life, -by purest tie
joined unto her, the glorious Maid.

When thou didst doubt thy wife's repute,
and mark her great with motherhood,
the angel taught thee that her fruit
came from the Holy Ghost of God. 

To clasp the Son, the Lord, was thine,
to share His flight to Egypt's shore,
with tears, to seek in Salem's shrine
Him lost, - with joy, to find once more.

Death brings to other Saints their rest;
through toil they win the victor's place;
thou happier, like the Angels blest,
alive, hast seen God face to face.

Spare us, O Trinity most High!
grant that, with Joseph, we may gain
Thy starry realm, and ceaselessly
there raise to Thee our thankful strain.

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